Importance of Corporate Governance in Socially Responsible Behaviour of Enterprises


1. Theoretical background

Responsibility in business again come to the fore and the current period is one of the factors that can significantly contribute to achieving stability and sustainable growth in the global economic environment. Enterprises should build their position on the principles of transparency and integrated approach to sustainable products and services, and the active cooperation of all stakeholders contribute to the overall well-being of society and the entire planet.

Responsible behaviour is not a one-off or short-term matter; it has to be a long-term consistent business philosophy. It often involves radical changes in the thinking of owners, managers and employees of companies, who apart from their own corporate interests and needs and wishes of customers also factor in long-term…Celý článok si môžete prečítať tu.

spoluautor: Ing. Lenka Debnárová,PhD.

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